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How can you miss Jade mountain if you come to Taiwan and love outdoor activities ardently? It’s worth a visit not only because the highest elevation in Northeast Asia but also the marvelous scenery along the sides of the trail.

In Monroe Pavilion, you can see the changeable botany because the forest of temperate zone and polar climate intertwines here. In the scenic overlook of the west peak, you can observe the couples of the white-whiskered Laughing thrust (kind of birds), they’re adorable and not afraid of human beings. Also you can enjoy the dazzling moment when the brilliant rays of sun reflects on the cliff of the Dragon edge. Of course, the most fascinating view is in the early morning, on the top of Jade mountain, no obstruction, the extraordinary sight unbroken cloud plains that stretch out, as sunrise glowing like fire.
Just join us to the journey of Jade mountain, not only for the Top 1, but also for seeing, touching, hiking and feeling Taiwan!

Route Planning

Night 1:19:00 meet us in Banqiao Station --> 19:30 Go on the journey --> 23:00 Arrive Chiayi.
(board and lodging: Take care of dinner by yourself. Lodge in Chiayi’s guesthouse.)

Day 1:07:00 Good morning to Chiayi, enjoy the breakfast --> 07:30 Go on the journey --> 08:00 Arrive Trailhead --> 13:00 Arrive Paiyun Lodge, enjoy dinner & take rest
(Board and Lodging:Breakfast & dinner are included, and please take some simple food as lunch by yourself. Lodge in Paiyun.)

Day 2:02:00 Good morning to the forest --> 06:30 Arrive Jade Mt. 3952m, wait and enjoy the sunrise --> 10:00 Return to Paiyun Lodge --> 12:00 Arrive Trailhead --> Return to Taipei Banqiao
(Board and Lodging:Breakfast is included, and please take some simple food as lunch on your own. And take dinner by yourself on the way back to Taipei. Lodge in your sweet home)


‧ The price is including: Transportation/2 breakfast, 1 dinner/2 million insurance/guide/consultation/2 lodge/Sleeping bag
‧ To enter Jade Mt. needs to apply in advance. So please inform us 35 days before if you want to join this activities.
‧ Personal things (sleeping pad, food, water and etc.) need to be born by yourself. If you want to hire a porter, the price is NT 4,000 per 20 kg everyday.
‧ The minimum number of participant is 5.
‧ In case of typhoons, heavy rain and other natural unavoidable factors, you can choose to cancel the trip, we’ll charge NT 300 for processing fee and refund the money, or you can keep out for the next group. For canceling by personal factors, 90% refund if you inform us 20 to 30 days before, 80% refund if you inform us 15 to 20 days before, 60% refund if you inform us 5 to 10 days before.5 days' notice is not refundable.
‧ The guide has the right to make adjustments according to the weather and members’s conditions.
‧ We provide equipment renting, if you want to rent anything, just let us know.

Route information

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